Personal Soul Coach :

  • working with clients to achieve balance of the emotional, metal, etheric and physical body.
  • clearing fear illusions, assumptions and beliefs that there is not positive outcome
  • working on molecular level with all 4 levels of the being
  • bringing the Truth into a focus

Energy Healer:

  • clearing imbalanced energies from body
  • clearing nanites and toxic energies which attach to the etheric body
  • aline the etheric body to original blueprint
  • channeling the Pranic energy to the level which human body can tolerate

Crystal Advisor:

  • using crystal energy to support all 4 bodies
  • making personalized crystal jewelry for further support of the energetic balance of the body.

Membership Level: Bronze Membership Level

Categories: Art and DesignPersonal Business ServicesRetail and Beauty

32979 SW Keys Rd
Scappoose, Oregon 97056 USA

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(503) 267-1893

Member Since: 2021


Simona Hudova

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