I was raised on the family timber farm in District 31.  My mother’s life-long dream was to live on a farm to enjoy the fresh air and freedom of the great outdoors.   I’ve been a witness and a participant in their efforts to sustain the health of their Douglas Fir forest, while making the land a good home for native plants and wildlife.  It has been my good fortune to have been raised in this wonderful place.

My parents’ work-ethic and determination have been an inspiration to me.  After my father finished serving our country as a Naval Aviator, my parents decided to settle in Oregon.  For more than 30 years they have worked to build a successful and respected income tax and accounting service.  They also share their love of the outdoors and horses through a unique horse lease and lesson program on the family farm.  Dozens of people come to our farm each week to indulge their love of horses and experience the wonderful scenery on our farm.

As much as I love the farm, it is the world of small business and income tax law that has attracted my interest the most.  I started to work in the tax business while still in high school.  Upon graduating high school, I immediately proceeded with getting an education in tax law.  I passed Oregon’s rigorous LTP exam and then within a year, I passed the more difficult LTC exam to become a Licensed Tax Consultant.  I’ve prepared tax returns for hundreds of clients from all walks of life.  I listen to their stories and help them solve tax issues.  My co-workers and I share knowledge and experience.  I understand the value of collaboration and the importance of delivering accurate, timely services to clients.

While I was still in high school, my mother enrolled me in the Dale Carnegie Course in human relations and public speaking.   There I learned how to listen to others, present my own ideas and have confidence in my abilities.

I am ready to represent House District 31 as a conservative family Democrat.  As a career tax professional I understand the complicated world of taxation and believe it is time for government to have tax experts voting on policy. I believe in the importance of worker rights, I understand the needs of small business owners, and I appreciate the important role big business and government plays in helping small communities prosper.   I will bring these balanced values to Oregon’s State Legislature and work to bring employment opportunities to District 31, while preserving the important aspects of our rural and small-town lifestyle.

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Jordan Gutierrez, Licensed Tax Consultant / Enrolled Agent

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