Since 1974, we have been known as Riverside Training Centers. In 2020, we changed our name to lifempowered. This updated name better describes our present mission…To empower people to live the life they choose. 

We may have a new name, but we are still in our familiar locations, providing support, with each important person at the center of every decision.

We were started by a small group of amazing family members who decided that their kids needed “more”. 

What began simply, has grown into a broad spectrum of services that help people grow and thrive in their community with confidence in their own independence.

We pride ourselves on being Person Centered. What does that mean? It means that, what is most important to the person and for the person, are considered first and foremost in everything we do. We also like to use that brush broadly and include our staff as well. We think happy employees provide the best supports to the people we serve.

We currently operate seven (7) group homes that range from 3-5 people in each one. We also provide supports for people who live in their own homes, with, or without, their family. 

We offer Community Based Supports, which may include training skills to encourage communication, independence, integration into the community and for personal satisfaction.

We continue to evolve and grow, and love being creative and flexible to make supports as effective and individualized as we can.

Finally, we like to have fun! We have an annual ski day where everyone we support can get out on the water and ski, tube, ride in the boat and/or just enjoy the view. 

We party! When we aren’t in our community having a good time, some of our homes are great party houses, with large back yards and room to be comfortable! We enjoy seeing friends and family and having them share our lives as we choose.

St Helens is just the right size, with a small town feel and several fun events that we all look forward to. Did you know we have a full summer of free concerts? – and all of October is Halloween, in our Halloweentown!

We can choose to help create and be part of our annual parade float entries each summer. Many are prize winners and grin-getters! 

The depth and breadth of knowledge held by our staff of Direct Support Professionals and management team, is surpassed only by their passion for providing the best supports possible!

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105 Port Avenue
St Helens, OR 97051 

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Cindy Stockton

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