What is the value of Vaasi?

  • Vaasi is Ancient Breathing Meditation Techniques that were invented thousands of years ago in the State of Tamil Nadu, India by Tamil scientists called Siddhas (or Rishis), who were the first saints, doctors and mystics all in one.
  • Only those who demonstrate the highest level of devotion and spiritual accomplishments through years extensive and sacred teachings have been taught these Vaasi techniques.
  • Siddha, in Indian culture, refers to “one who is accomplished” signifying a perfected master who has achieved the highest degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment.

Benefits of Vaasi:

  • Strengthens lungs, eliminates mucus & reduces sinusitis
  • Reduces asthma, diabetes, blood pressure & eosinophils
  • Purifies the mind, relieves stress & tension & arthritis
  • Reduces psychosomatic disorders & insomnia
  • Increases energy, stamina & strengthens nervous system
  • Improves memory, long & short term recall capacity
  • Increases creativity, love & affection
  • Helps resistance to COVID, AIDS & other viruses

Health is Wealth

Good health is the foundation on which to build a life, a community, an economy.  Empower your body towards health and vigor with dedicated practice of Vaasi wellness techniques.

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