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Originally, the started as an outdoor market owned by Tom Koop and Terri Zahler ~ well known by locals as “Walt’s Produce” (in memory of Walt Koop – Tom’s late father). Tom has a vision to grow this business into something much more, So, in 2020 when Tom and Terri were presented with an opportunity to purchase property … they took the chance to grow. Still being able to work with local vendors, Walt’s Produce (outdoor market) became “Walt’s Farm to Table” (restaurant featuring seasonal menu items and fresh produce).


Just as it all seemed to be coming together, Tom passed away unexpectedly. With heavy heart, Terri was left with some “life changing decisions” to make and unsure as to what would come next. Through overwhelming community support, Terri had her answer and continued moving forwards with plans for Walt’s Farm to Table. Giving it everything she had to ensure that their vision would thrive. And in doing so, paying it forward to the local community who would continue to honor both Tom and Walt Koop and support the new restaurant.


In the summer of 2023, Terri’s passion for providing fresh produce to the local community continued to remain close to her heart. So much so that she made the decision to revive Walt’s Produce. Closing the restaurant and hanging up all the many hats she wore as chef, owner and manager, to focus on one thing … fresh produce (simple, seasonal and good for you)! Excited to come full circle, she wanted to offer fresh produce as was done before, but also creating produce baskets. Always keeping the customer in mind, adding another level of customer service. Now, produce baskets prepared in advance via an on-line ordering option – allowing the customer to place their orders for convenient pick-up the weekly produce baskets, filled with a variety of fresh, delicious seasonal fruits and veggies. Until she settles on a permanent location to for the new & improved Walt’s Produce business, she may be traveling about within the St. Helens and Scappoose communities. Terri will be sharing more info about how to place orders and posting updates as to current produce stand locations on social media – so find, like and follow on Facebook, place your order taste for yourself how “the greatest wealth is health” … you may also be pleasantly surprised that fresh baked goods are available as well!

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Terri Zahler

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